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Badagoni Wine Company is a Georgian wine producer. The company was founded in the Kakhetian village of Zemo Khodasheni (Akhmeta district) in 2002. Currently, it owns more than 300 hectares (740 acres) of vineyards of selected local grape varieties. Its products include such brands as Tsinandali, Mukuzani, Kindzmarauli, Gurjaani, Saperavi, Akhasheni and more.

The wine in Georgia has an iconic significance. It is a part of the Georgian heritage. Wine and grape motifs are found everywhere in Georgia – in mosaic floors, in carvings, in myths and legends, in dance and songs and in the wine cellars. Georgia is the place where man first conquered the grape. Archeological evidence suggests that winemaking could have begun there as long as several millenniums ago, thus actually confirming that Georgia is a cradle of wine.

After the international success, in 2018 Badagoni management decided they wanted to enter the Israeli and World Jewry market and started to get interested in producing kosher wine. In addition they learned that the Kosher certificate is also a quality indicator in many countries worldwide.

They contacted the Israel-Georgia Chamber of Business to learn more about this issue. The company decided to have the highest value kosher certification program available in the world given by the international company OK Kosher.

OK Kosher Certifies over 500,000 products, produced by over 5,000 manufactures on six continents.

After contacting OK Kosher, Badagoni learned of the kosher certificate’s demands, and allocated a special place in the factory in Kakheti. Badagoni addressed Rabies from Israel, and asked them to come to Georgia and supervise and control the production of the Kosher wine. After that Badagoni started to produce kosher wine according to most kosher restricted rules.

In these steps Badagoni was the first to export from Georgia high quality Kosher Wine.

Badagoni Kosher Wine is: Kosher Lemehadrin For Passover, Not Mevushal.

The wine is under the supervision of:

The wine has won 4 international awards. It received Gold Medal at “MUNDUS VINI” in Germany, Silver Medal at “Catavinum World Wine & Spirit” in Spain, Gold Medal at „MONDIAL DES VINS EXTRÊMES CERVIM“ in Italy, and Gold Medal at “Frankfurt International Trophy” in Germany.


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