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The Great Synagogue is located in the old historical district of Tbilisi, specifically in between of Tumaniani and Leselidze streets. The building, also known as “Synagogue of the Akhaltsikhelians”, was built in 1910 by Georgian Jews from Akhaltsikhe, hence the mention of the people from Akhaltsikhe in its second name. According to the journal “Droeba”, which was issued in the year 1909, constructing the building was a struggle because of its size, but due to the determination of the Georgian Jews it was set up. Edifice has two floors, the first of which is divided into four structural parts. The floors are partly similar, with some differences in their design. It is built by red brick and inside is painted with plant based motives, ornaments and orderial variations. The Synagogue was reconstructed in 2011-2012 years and the condition of the building is fair and active. Today, the Great Synagogue of Tbilisi is one of the most important tourist attractions in the city and it has a status of a cultural monument given by “Ministry of Culture and Sports of Georgia”. As it turns out, the synagogue has more than dozens of visitors daily, mainly tourists from Israel.


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