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The second synagogue in Kutaisi, located next to the Great Synagogue of Kutaisi, specifically at 8 Boris Gaponov St, was built in 1912 and is surrounded by ancillary buildings. The building is smaller compared to other synagogues and it has two floors, the first out of which is decorated by stone orders, while the second is painted white. It has two entrances, the main and the helping one. Hebrew was taught here and various Jewish rituals were performed. There also was a bakery where “Matsa” was baked. Nowadays it is not active but its condition is fair. The community of the Synagogue used to be Georgian Jews. The synagogue has a status of cultural monument given by “Ministry of Culture and Sports of Georgia”. 

Boris Gaponov, Jewish Lexicographer and translator, was born on 20 February, 1934 in Eupator; he then moved to Kutaisi after the evacuation in 1941. He translated the poem of Shota Rustaveli “The knight in panther’s skin” to Jewish, which was released in 1969 in Israel; this release was the reason he received Sh. Chernikhov prize. After the translation was published Gapanov became the symbol of the country’s Jews. Before the name of the Gapanov got its name in 1989, from the year 1926 it was Shaumyani St.


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