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The synagogue, which was built in 1895 in an eclectic style, is located in Oni, on 53 Vakhtang VI Street; it is Georgia’s third largest synagogue after the Great Synagogue of Tbilisi and the synagogue of Kutaisi. It also is the oldest functioning synagogue in Georgia. In 1991 a big earthquake took place in Oni which destroyed the smaller synagogue and damaged the big one. Jewish organizations, JDC and former president Eduard Shevardnadze, all collectively helped renovate the big synagogue. Its style is Historicism Neo-Moorish, the construction material is limestone, it is in fair condition but currently it is inactive. On November 7 of 2006 the synagogue was given a category of the national real cultural monument out of which national status was given by the president of Georgia, while the cultural status – by the “Ministry of Culture and Sports of Georgia”.


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