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On the 2nd of September, the monument dedicated to Sergei Metreveli and the victims of the Holocaust was opened; the ceremony was organized by the “Israeli House” and City Hall of Oni municipality. The event was held within The European Days of Jewis Culture and was supported by The European Association for the Preservation and Promotion of Jewish Culture and Heritage (AEPJ).

In 1942, once the Nazis invaded Kislovodsk, which is a city located in the north Caucasus, Sergei Metrvel, who at that time, worked in a wine factory in the said city, helped some Jews escape the place and sheltered them in Racha, Utsera. The Jews who could not leave Kisovodsk were shot by Nazis. In 2006 World Holocaust Center in Jerusalem – Yad Vashem, gave Sergei Metrevel the nobel status of “Righteous Among the Nations”, which made his name immortal. In 2015, with the support from the Knesset, the “Israeli House” filmed a movie about Sergei Metreveli and the survivor Emil Zigel. The premier, organized by the “Israeli House”, of the film was held at a Hasbara event.


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