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Jewish Graveyard in Sachkhere


There are three Jewish Graveyards in Sachkhere, two of which are relatively old. One was active until the repatriation of Jews in the 90s. According to the legend, Jews moved to this region from Western Georgia, Kartli, in the late Middle Ages. There are still several districts left called “Uriata districts”.

The oldest cemetery is located on the road near the village of Zeda Skhvitori, Todadze Fortress. It was probably opened in the XIX century. Remains of tombstones with Jewish inscriptions have survived. The cemetery is currently closed and more or less well maintained.

The second, relatively new cemetery is in the city of Sachkhere, in the Islar district, near Stalin Street. It is fenced and well-groomed. The cemetery was active until the 90s before the Jews immigrated to Israel. People often come from Israel to visit the graves of their ancestors.

The third small Jewish graveyard in the district is located on the slope of Todadze Fortress. At some point, the cemetery was closed due to landslides. It is currently fenced. Jewish inscriptions can be seen on the tombstones.


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