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David Baazov Museum of History of Jews of Georgia

1 Anton Katalikosi St, Tbilisi

The David Baazov Museum of History of Jews of Georgia, located on 3 Anton Catholicos St, Tbilisi, is a principal museum of the Jewish history and culture. It was established on 30 November of 1932 by the board of Garebcom as a department organization – in a cult-base of Jewish workers. It was officially established on 23 November of 1933 – demanded by the social commissariat of Georgian education. The building is built by brick; from outside it has multiple angles, while inside is round. The museum has many exhibits and rarities: archeological, ethnographic, historical, epigraphic, manuscript, printed, artistic, archives, photographs, etc. The museum has published important scientific works for Kartvelology/Georgian studies and 9 volumes of Hebrew studies. Expeditions are held by the museum in different parts of Georgia, exhibitions, international scientific conferences dedicated to the issues of the history of Georgian Jews, Georgian-Jewish and Georgian-Palestinian relations.


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