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One country and one aspect of history about Jewish heritage can show you hundreds of feelings and places from the past.

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The tour is unique with a varied history and gives you an opportunity to see lots of beautiful and ancient places, and cultural heritage which reflects the entire history of the Jews in Georgia, that is full of: Interesting Jewish monuments, architectural and archeology artifacts; Museums where a lot of Jewish materials are kept; Active Synagogues and Jewish people who still pray there; Closed synagogues keeping the history of the past; Graveyards of Jewish people; A lot of storytelling about the Jews in Georgia; Food tastes that are kept from the ancient time, which were used by Jewish people.

The tour is unique on its own but the nature of Georgia makes the tour more unique, which is famous for its special, beautiful and distinctive nature, that gives you an opportunity to visit mountainous areas, sea resorts and modern cities in one tour.

Israeli House, the creator of the route, has a large-scale corporation in Georgia.

Main Partner

The leading partner developing the European Route of Jewish Heritage of the Council Europe in Georgia is the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture And Sport of Georgia. The ministry co-hosts all the activities and conferences regarding the promotion of the Route. It also developed a special application of all the Cultural Routes in Georgia.

Jewish Rooms

irst, Israeli House opened Israeli rooms in 3 Georgian universities, GAU Georgian American University, Grigol Robakidze University and in cooperation with The University of Georgia there are opened rooms with TV videos, books and a lot of information where the students can enter and see, hear and read all the history of Israel and world Jewry.

Holocaust Studies

In cooperation of Israeli House and 4 universities in Georgia: GAU Georgian American University, Grigol Robakidze University, University of Georgia and Europian University students started learning Holocaust and from the 2021 year they will start learning Jewish history and language.

Cultural Cooperations

Jewish Exhibitions

In cooperation of Israeli House and Georgian National Museum Jewish exhibitions are held in the Museum.

Holocaust Remembrance Monument

In cooperation of Israeli House and the City Hall of Oni (one of the Jewish Heritage destination) is opening Holocaust Remembrance Monument of Sergey Metreveli.

Jewish/Israeli Library Room

In cooperation with the National Parliamentary Library of Georgia, Israeli House with Sarah Ben Shemesh Foundation opened Jewish/Israeli Library Room.